Service Rates

Service Packages

Check over (brake and gear adjustments only) $50.00
Basic tune-up multi-gear (includes :Adjusting of brakes, gears, spokes, bearings, lube cables, minor cleaning & test ride) $70.00
Basic tune-up single speed (includes: Adjusting of Brakes, spokes, bearings, lube cables, minor cleaning & test ride) $60.00
Deluxe tune-up (includes: Tune-Up and drive train degrease) $90.00
Overhaul (includes: Deluxe Tune-up, bearing overhaul, new cables, and frame cleaning) $170.00

Suspension Services

Basic Fork Service (Main Seal and Fluid Replacement. Parts Not included) $75.00
Comprehensive Fork Service (Complete overhaul of spring and dampers) $175.00
Cut steerer tube (off Bike) $15.00
Install or rebuild headset $35.00
Rear shock overhaul (off bike) $60.00
Rear shock overhaul (on bike) $80.00

Drive Train Services

Adjust derailleur each $15.00
Install & adjust derailleur each $20.00
Install and adjust shift cable $20.00
Install chain $15.00
Repair chain $15.00
Install freewheel or cassette $12.00
Install and adjust shifter down tube or mountain bike (each) $25.00
Install and adjust shifter STI/ERGO/SRAM road (each) $45.00
Install and adjust shifter bar end (each) $45.00
Shifter revive with lube (no guarantees) (each) $10.00
Drive train degreasing $25.00
Hanger Replacement $20.00
Hanger Alignment $15.00
DI2 Diagnostics, Customization or Firmware update $40.00

Crank and Bottom Bracket Services

Install or rebuild bottom bracket $30.00
Install chain ring $20.00
Install pedals $7.00
Install Cleats $10.00

Brake Service

Adjust brake (each) $15.00
Install brake pads and adjust (each) $20.00
Install and adjust brake cable (each) $20.00
Install and adjust brake lever (each) $20.00
Bleed Brake (each) DOT Fluid Systems

Mineral Oil Systems



Hydraulic line repair/replace (each) $60.00
True Rotor (each) $10.00


Install tire and tube (each) $8.00
Tubeless conversion (each) $20.00
Tubular tire installed (each and includes glue) $45.00
Simple wheel true $15.00
Major wheel true $25.00
Spoke replacement (truing included) front wheel $22.00 min
Spoke replacement (truing included) rear wheel $30.00 min
Build Wheel per wheel $50.00
Hub bearing adjustment front wheel $15.00
Hub bearing adjustment rear wheel $20.00
Hub overhaul front wheel $30.00
Hub overhaul rear wheel $40.00

Other Services

Tape bars $15.00
Cut handlebars $20.00
Computer install (includes programming) wireless $15.00
Computer install (includes programming) wired front wheel only $17.00
Computer install (includes programming) wired rear wheel or cadence $25.00
Install rear rack $20.00
Install child carrier $25.00 min
Install other accessories (each) $7.00 min
Box bike for shipping $75.00
Assembly typical boxed bicycle $90.00
Assembly frame up bicycle (such as custom builds)

Basic Bike Fitting



Disclosure: All prices are based on minimum rates and are charged per job. Please bring your bike by for a free repair estimate. All labor is guaranteed for 30 days