Why Us?

We at Habersham Bicycles stand behind every newly purchased bicycle. We believe in the products we sell, but even the greatest products need service to keep them operating smoothly. Our One Year free service includes readjusting brakes, gears, hubs, and bearings, spot truing the wheels, inflating tires, and lubricating the chain. Another added value to the bikes at Habersham Bicycles is the ability to trade-in in the future.


Habersham Bicycles Toy Stores
Train their people to match your kind of riding to all your different bicycle choices. Their clerks are trained to stock shelves!
Carefully, proportionally fit your bike to you. This is vital to your safety, comfort, and fun. Quality bikes are built in many sizes to fit you OR a growing rider safely and long term. Bikes are “one size fits all!” NO frame size selection or choice. (That’s like Nike™ making ONLY size 6 shoes to fit everybody’s feet.) Ridiculous!!!
Provide you honest information, have more types of bikes for different types of riding, and let you test ride your choices. Have few bike-type choices, no test rides, but MIGHT offer a choice of colors!
Quality bicycles ARE repairable, worth repairing, and are built with better, more durable parts less prone to malfunction or need for repair. “Toy store” bikes often use un-fixable, off-brand, “odd-ball” parts, and ARE OFTEN NOT WORTH REPAIRING!
Habersham Bicycles has expert, trained technicians to build AND repair bicycles. Toy stores have none!
Correct, safe bicycle assembly by Habersham Bicycles takes an average of an hour or more per bicycle and is FREE! Toy stores “throw together” 6 to 10 bikes an hour, and most charge extra for assembly! (A bike shop would charge up to $100.00 to re-build such a bike.)
ALL NEW BIKES need re-adjustment of gears, brakes, spokes, bearings, etc. after an initial 15 to 30 hours of use to operate properly and last. Habersham Bicycles warranty covers free adjustments and labor if problems occur. Expect bike adjustments to cost an EXTRA $25 to $100…and toy stores DON’T do them! DON’T overlook this hidden expense! And, they can ONLY give you another bike-in-a-box when they sell you a “lemon!”
Properly assembled and maintained bikes last and last and last… “Toy store” bikes often malfunction, need costly repairs, and DON’T LAST!
Habersham Bicycles teach correct operation, safe use, and care, and adjust your bike to you. ONE bicycle that fits, lasts longer and “holds-up” through many riders’ use (and STILL has a re-sale value!) costs less! Clerks spend little or no time with you, and you get what you pay for! Their bikes fall apart, are sometimes NOT-fixable, are often disposable, and their frequent repair or replacement COSTS YOU MORE!!!
You BI-cycle for years on a Habersham Bicycles bike. You RE-cycle “toy store” bikes!