Giant G20353 GNT Bolt Road Shoe Nylon SPD/SPD SL Sole 45 Black/Red


Nothing beats the efficiency of clipless pedals, and the Bolt sport road shoe makes it easy to experience the benefits of this technology. Designed with a comfortable, easy-to-adjust upper and an anti-slip rubber tread, it’s a confident way to increase your pedaling power. FEATURES FORCE DRIVE Clipless Composite Outsole efficiently transfers power to the pedals The Streamlined Tread and anti-slip Studs in front, middle and rear of outsole provide walking ability and traction Three hook-and-loop straps for easy and simple adjustment provide a comfortable, secure fit ErgoComfort Insole features a 3D design that fits the curve of your sole and comfortably secures the heel AirStream™ 4-Vent Cooling System Compatible with SPD and SPD-SL cleat configurations SPECIFICATIONS

Model: G20353
Manufacturer: Giant
Black/Red 45.0 0
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Price: $90.00

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