CygoLite LITE54281 Hotrod 50 USB

CygoLite LITE54281 Hotrod 50 USB


50 lumen flash output 1:30~ 100 hr run time Micro USB rechargeable Highly visible radiant light from inline array of LEDs Sleek low profile design 6 lighting modes: Steady – High Flash – SteadyPulse™- Zoom - Low Flash -Group Mode Low battery indicator for power awareness Pedestrian friendly Zoom mode signals those around you with a gentle change in brightness Rider friendly Group mode provides long lasting, low profile visibility Light mode memory recalls last mode used Water resistant design for all riding conditions VersatiteTM flexible mount conveniently attaches to seatpost or seat stay Lightweight 29 g

Model: LITE54281
Manufacturer: CygoLite
CygoLite LITE54281 Hotrod 50 USB
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