Giant G340000211 GNT Crosscut A/T ERT Tire 700x38 WB

Giant G340000211 GNT Crosscut A/T ERT Tire 700x38 WB


Product description Easy Ride Tubeless (ERT) is an easy solution for sport-level riders who are seeking the advantages of tubeless without the expensive upgrade or mess A special integrated liner creates an air chamber that accepts tire sealant to seal punctures without the need to change a tube EasyRide Tubeless design allows for lower air pressure to enhance comfort and reduce the risk of punctures Supple, high TPI casing for better performance and control All-Terrain, smooth-rolling tread design for traction on a wide range of surfaces Tread compound optimized for 50% pavement and 50% dirt roads EasyRide Tubeless casing design Light, durable casing for improved compliance UPC/EAN 4713250831374 MFG# 340000211

Model: G340000211
Manufacturer: Giant
Black 700X38c
Should be in stock
Price: $53.00

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