Giant G120000189 GNT Romero Saddle

Manufacturer Part #:  G120000189

GNT Romero Saddle Product description All-new Side-Flex technology allows the sides of the saddle base to flex and adapt, reducing abrasion and impact on the inner thigh Side-Wrap technology covers the edge of the saddle with high-elastic padding, providing better side and rear shock absorption when moving on and off the saddle Smooth side cover material provides ease of movement and protection from impact when the inner thigh is contacting the saddle Built-In Particle Flow padding with two particle pockets directly inserted in the padding provides increased shock absorption Lightweight, high-elastic PU foam provides increased comfort and shock absorption Optimized long-nose design, shape and padding provide maximum support and comfort for the inner leg while attacking steep climbs

Model: G120000189
Manufacturer: Giant


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Manufacturer Part #:  G120000189
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